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    I've had a seemingly simple dream for my portable device since I got my first Cassiopiea 105 back in the late 90's. The ability to create a web page from scratch, on the road.

    I've always been let down in one specific area. Graphics.

    Inkscape, for those who aren't familure with it, is a free Open Source vector art program along the lines of Adobe Illustrator.

    Inkscape. Draw Freely.

    I would pay real money for a Playbook port of this. I'm thinking $50 per license would not be unreasonable. Structured vector art would have a clean professional look and would allow me to be creative where ever inspirations strikes me. I think with little effort, it's interface could be adapted to make precise drawings even with the Playbooks less than perfect touch screen.

    I've been searching the App World relentlessly and have not found a single art app worth my time.

    This is my #1 wish list item, and I haven't heard of an app on Android that even comes close.

    Any one with programing skills up tothe challenge?
    01-11-12 11:09 PM