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    My newest app ImageAirplay is on App World go and check it out.

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    So far it's been getting good reviews so check it out.

    Also just wanted to give you an update on the video stuff. I plan to start working on the video Airplay implementation in April. Since in the past two days ImageAirplay has been getting a fair reception. Unfortunately I'm too busy with real work til April plus I'm speaking at a conference at the end of March. (FITC // Spotlight: Javascript // HAXE + JS ==)

    Anyway go and checkout ImageAirplay and help fund the development of VideoAirplay.

    Also just wanted some feedback. I've faced one issue so far during my testing and that is the Playbook shoots mp4/h264 video however it's in a different format than "I" device h264 videos. Ideally I'd like to make it so that it could Airplay any format of video however with the resources I have I may not be able to. I will have to see...
    03-06-12 09:44 AM