1. aratink's Avatar

    I'd like to introduce you to Icosien, an amazing game i juste downloaded from the App Store.

    You have to redraw a shape with one swipe, juste like on this video :

    I was playing Icosien on my Android before, but the screen was too small... on the PlayBook it is perfect ! (and totally worth the 1.99$)

    Give it a try, there are quite a few hours of game ahead... and you may even start to feel smart when you solve levels beyond 15

    App World link : Buy Icosien - Download Icosien - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World
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    04-20-12 09:13 AM
  2. LuayS's Avatar
    holy this is awesome. Is it native app? How many lvls? ah I loved playing flash games like this.
    04-20-12 10:47 AM
  3. aratink's Avatar
    There is 25 levels, i'm currently fighting with level 24 which is really hard ^^
    04-22-12 06:01 AM