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    I want to know how I can add some useful applications to my BlackBerry tablet because there aren't any left on the Web site.

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    04-12-19 04:29 AM
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    Did you check out the Playbook forums? There are a bunch of threads in there (although some are dated) that get into what you are asking about.

    Here is one example:


    Edit: Also, be aware that the Android Runtime on the Playbook is I think even more outdated then the Android Runtime on BB10. So, there will be even less "converted apks" that will still properly work on a Playbook in comparison to the degree of success that people have had with Android apps on BB10. However, I think there are still some dedicated websites and lists out there.

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    04-12-19 05:21 AM
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    I have yes but these date three years back. If any of these are current then tell us exactly which one

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    04-12-19 06:18 AM
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    .... If any of these are current then tell us exactly which one

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    Good question. I am hoping some more people add on their thoughts to you other thread about this.

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    04-12-19 06:29 AM
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    I have yes but these date three years back. If any of these are current then tell us exactly which one

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    I'm afraid it's trial and error for these apps. Nobody here on CB uses the PlayBook extensively anymore so these apps probably have not been tested to any great extent. To sideload and try them out search for a windows program called Sachesi. Download and install that program on a windows machine, plug your PlayBook into the computer, start Sachesi up, enter the password for your PlayBook when it asks, then drag and drop the app .bar file into the app install window of the Sachesi program. This is the easiest way to install apps imho.
    04-12-19 09:27 AM
  6. Stoyanov s's Avatar
    Where is a good place to get PlayBook apps ?

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    04-13-19 06:10 AM
  7. spARTacus's Avatar
    Did you try this one?

    Here is a good collection for the Playbook: https://www.mediafire.com/?npbavqdoiw565

    note: many of these bars no longer work.

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    04-13-19 11:21 AM
  8. spARTacus's Avatar
    The good e reader site also used to have some (BlackBerry section). However, it was hit and miss also for lots of those from my perspective.


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    04-13-19 11:31 AM

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