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    Does anyone know of a file manager app that allows me to cut, copy and paste media between folders from my Torch to my PlayBook without connecting them both to my laptop?
    09-24-12 01:21 AM
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    check out Files & Folders for the Playbook when bridged to Blackberry you should be able to do what you want. I use it all the time. You can also access Box.net, DropBox, Google, Skydrive or SugarSync accounts. Easy to use and can multi select files for actions.

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    09-24-12 01:46 AM
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    Yup, you need Files & Folders...
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    09-24-12 02:00 AM
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    There are two mentions above of "Files and Folders", a native app with active and responsive developers.
    Still, it is quite recent and does have "youth" troubles; for instance, I am not capable to move ("copy", for instance) a file with nontrivial endings (try .kdb for instance, the encrypted database from KeePass). Again the dev is reacting to this remark and I am hopeful that next release will solve it --but one must admit that for an app that is specifically designed to deal with files, this behavior is a concern.

    F&F seems to develop in the direction of "as many file transfer interfaces as we can", featuring connections to dropbox, googledocs etc. (basically: all possible private cloud storages... but not the public ftp standard).
    From this perspective, with a bit more maturity F&F may well end above and beyond all known browsers including the ones in windows, linux or Apple, and this is very interesting.

    Another specific feature of F&F is its capability in image handling: indeed you can trigger a slideshow as nice as the BB original image app, without the (pathetic) constraint of BB's which regularly mangle all your photos whatever folder they come from. With F&F you just select a folder, anywhere in the BB file structure, and get a slideshow with a single click --and you also can rename your photos, for instance.
    Just for this, F&F is worth buying IMHO: the only one capable to correctly handle photos.

    For actual serious file handling, I find for now "File Browser" by Aftab is definitely less error-prone. Its image preview handling is poor (very slow) but other than that, it's also a native app, and its GUI also is very efficient.
    Aftab File Browser can connect with ftp servers (both directions) but with no other cloud services, and on some ftp servers there are browsing failures anyhow (first letter of files disappears, turning the feature unusable -I didn't manage to track this to a specific kind of server flavor, but this appears in one server out of five for me).
    I use File Browser for all that concerns local file handling primarily.

    If you really don't want to invest you have the free "AIR Browser", which still lives outside the android simulator and is quite reasonable although with a somehow unintuitive UI and less possibilities (for instance not allowing to move files IIRC)

    There are many other contenders (it seems file manager is the category with the most numerous apps); you can try for instance Open Explorer (free, efficient, but Android port and starting at unlikely and poorly named places like '/sdcard'); you also have "SFileManager" which I find complex and not very nice, but this one too has its amateurs.

    [edit: it seems File & Folders issue described above is in fact related to another app that specifically mangles its files; at least at the present time I cannot say anymore that F&F is the issue, which is repeatable with all other known file managers including BB's own through the USB link]
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    09-24-12 02:42 AM
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    Thank you Herve5. But for this specific function of mines, which file manager is best to transfer files between phone and PlayBook? Disregard all other functions like cloud storage etc as transferring files between phone and PlayBook is my only real need.
    09-24-12 04:42 AM
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    Ishaq, sorry for having forgotten your original question!
    While I don't have a BB phone, I can tell you Files & Folder indeed handles the "Bridge" function, that apparently connects directly to you phone (assuming it can run "Bridge"). See their online help for a ste-by-step how-to; you also can install a 3-days test version for free, which indeed should allow you to try for real.
    09-24-12 06:44 AM