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    MavenTechieNotes: Starbucks Coffee and paying with your BlackBerry PlayBook (when you don't have a playbook)

    *Warning* This article discusses making a 2D barcode of your StarBucks card. Anyone that has access to the resulatant image can then use your card. If this gives you cause for concern- do not proceed. The author of this article cannot be held responsible for any loss using this information.

    Tested and works in Canada - this may not work in your country.*End of Warning*

    I love Starbucks and I also love my BlackBerry PlayBook. Like many people, I was dismayed when Starbucks pulled mobile payment app support for the BlackBerry.

    They are now (now being a relative term) "evaluating" their support of the BlackBerry

    Starbucks Card Mobile App for BlackBerry | Starbucks Coffee Company

    The BlackBerry PlayBook to the rescue. It's relatively simple. I sideloaded an Android application called "Starbucks Card Quick Pay 2.1 (unofficial barcode tool)". A tutorial on sideloading, which is not endorsed by RIM, is availalbe here:


    The developer was kind enough to provide the Android Application Package, or apk, available for download here:

    [APP] Starbucks Card Quick Pay 2.1 (unofficial barcode tool) - xda-developers

    Obtain the BlackBerry Playbook simulator, get it here (requires vmware player or workstation):

    BlackBerry - Smartphone Simulators

    I also like using the simulator as I don't have to worry about 'bricking' my actual PlayBook

    Once up and running it looks like this:

    Click on the application and enter your card number to generate the barcode (It's just a 2D barcode in PDF417 format nothing special)

    Once this barcode is generated you can do a screen shot of it, crop it and put it on your BlackBerry -- or if you like, run the app on your PlayBook. The card number is 16 digits - I put in 123456789012345 -- as I don't want you using my barcode to pay for your drinks

    Alternatively, you could ask your iPhone friend user to put your card number in the official app and generate your barcode -- where's the fun in that, though? Why give them the satisfaction?

    The developer of this app as well as "My Coffee Card" and "Cardstar" have been contacted encouraging them to make their app work on BlackBerry. Only Cardstar has responded. Ideally, the barcode is created by an app, then you aren't keeping a picture floating around on your phone that might get leaked.

    If this works for you in the US, I'd be interested in knowing.
    03-17-12 09:44 AM