06-20-11 01:17 PM
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  1. Prey521's Avatar
    I was just looking through my PayPal activity and I've purchased $25.72 in Apps LOL

    How about you guys/gals?
    06-16-11 10:15 PM
  2. mttomas's Avatar
    nothing yet at all, found nothing worth it for me personally as i am not a gamer..
    06-16-11 10:59 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    I think two apps - MovieSRTPlayer and File Browser.
    06-16-11 11:15 PM
  4. Venichie's Avatar
    I've spent about $200-300 on BB apps, give or take. I've had a refund of about $100-200 for those apps as well, give or take too. I still find myself wanting more, and unsatisfied.
    I've had a few other smart phones gotten at the same time, but I gave the extras to family members. Although this is my first smart phone, I'm either going to have to convert others... Or convert myself.
    Besides one other, I don't know anyone with a BB phone. Not even my co-workers, and I work in a retail store for cellphones! I try to make the most out of my choice and compete with my co-workers... Maybe that's why I got the Playbook...

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    06-17-11 12:00 AM
  5. psiclne's Avatar
    $1.99 for Blaq
    06-17-11 01:51 AM
  6. semicoln's Avatar
    $4 but that number would be higher if IM+ was approved
    06-17-11 02:39 AM
  7. yzf.shaun's Avatar
    2.99 for Stocks. A complete waste of money!
    0.99 MusicMaste. Quite pleased with that.
    8.87 on a Kobo Book.
    06-17-11 05:06 AM
  8. r0v3rT3N's Avatar
    i was just looking through my paypal activity and i've purchased $25.72 in apps lol

    how about you guys/gals?
    06-17-11 06:42 AM
  9. marksasongko's Avatar
    Around $20 give or take...
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-17-11 07:16 AM
  10. OnTopic's Avatar
    $1.99 and I want it back.
    06-17-11 08:35 AM
  11. Prey521's Avatar
    $1.99 and I want it back.
    LOL for which app?
    06-17-11 08:37 AM
  12. I am JT's Avatar
    $0. I've only looked at one app for purchase and didn't pull the trigger because the trial version didn't work. Don't use many apps and I haven't had to pay for any of the apps I use.
    06-17-11 10:15 AM
  13. Spinal's Avatar
    i think maybe $15 at most (6 or 7 apps), i wish all 'software' was this cheap lol.
    06-17-11 10:29 AM
  14. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    $1.99 for file browser, this should have been built in the PB. Stilll looking for apps that are worth buying.
    06-17-11 10:30 AM
  15. bgriff25's Avatar
    About $32.00, $20.00 of which was for Vlingo, probably the best $20 ever spent.
    06-17-11 10:46 AM
  16. Prey521's Avatar
    About $32.00, $20.00 of which was for Vlingo, probably the best $20 ever spent.
    Vlingo's available for the Playbook?
    06-17-11 10:53 AM
  17. bgriff25's Avatar
    Vlingo's available for the Playbook?
    OOpps! Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to which forum I was in. I don't even own a PB.
    06-17-11 11:03 AM
  18. cccrackkk's Avatar
    Nothing yet. I find the App World too fricking slow to want to spend money there.
    06-17-11 11:05 AM
  19. lnichols's Avatar
    Zippee. I'm waiting for some really good paid apps, probably games. Free ones are fine with me for now. Of course I've never bought an app for my Blackberry handhelds either! If Angry Birds is paid that will likely be my first.
    06-17-11 11:43 AM
  20. leemiltz's Avatar
    $3,98 + tax Not seeing that much good stuff, gaming I do elsewhere.
    06-17-11 11:54 AM
  21. big samm's Avatar
    2bux lol for blaq that i don't even use that often... if they had mere i would spend more... oh well...

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    06-17-11 12:35 PM
  22. emrecanyrgc's Avatar
    app world, how we will refund applications that we have bought?
    06-17-11 12:55 PM
  23. binaryrogue's Avatar
    $2.99 for aVNC - I find the other free VNC app works better.
    $0.99 File Browser by Aftab - Bought this to browse the sdcard on by bb and the FTP function. These features don't even work...
    $0.99 - MusicMaster - Worth every penny!
    $0.99 - RemoteAmp - Great app
    06-17-11 02:19 PM
  24. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    About $60... I'm a slight appaholic. This includes the fact that I have two file browsers (to see which one worked better) and both mindmaps and cogimap (for the same reason). I wish I hadn't counted, as I now see I spent more in apps than I have in accessories! Off to buy more accessories now :P
    06-17-11 03:33 PM
  25. wolfman-fu's Avatar
    I have spent $2.99 + tax
    06-17-11 03:50 PM
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