01-29-12 10:14 PM
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  1. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    I love Evernote.

    It has built-in functionality with Olive Tree Software and OS functionality with YouVersion. Crucial in my line of work.

    I use it HEAVILY for ideas and notes. For blogging, I use the web clipper Chrome extension to store ideas.

    I also use it as an author's tool.

    Evernote's greatest attribute, IMHO, is the fact that it is cross-platform. Doesn't matter what major platform I am on: they have a port.

    Also love Skitch! Great Evernote extra.
    01-02-12 02:09 PM
  2. mccs's Avatar
    Are you complaining, soldier? Drop and give RIM fifty!

    Thanks for your servce, sir.
    LOL! That's SAILOR, mister!

    And I appreciate the thanks...

    (btw, I did give RIM fifty -- $50 in more stock I bought this week. ha!)
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    01-02-12 04:18 PM
  3. Foppa_21's Avatar
    I'm giving Evernote a try this year in an effort to go paperless with note taking. I really like the idea of keeping evething in sync between my laptop, 9930 and PlayBook. My only concern is the lack of offline access. I can't imagine when I'd be somewhere with no web access, but you never know.

    I use the native MemoPad a lot to keep stuff I want easy access to (such as frequent flyer numbers, roster for my kids hockey team, etc). I realize I can do so much more with Evernote, but I like how MemoPad sync's with Outlook notes and is available offline.

    My only other issue is font size. MemoPad comes across with a nice, large font. Evernote is pretty small. One zoom and it's perfect, but that's extra button pushing I'd prefer to eliminate.

    01-03-12 11:40 PM
  4. KennethD's Avatar
    I was on evernotes q&a page and someone asked about the pb offline upgrade. Someone replied it would get updated but they wouldn't say when.

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    01-04-12 05:44 PM
  5. TheSuperSloth's Avatar
    Every Evernote note is basically an HTML file.

    So their PB app is basically a glorified web browser. It was probably very quick to develop and then forgotten.

    Adding local storage would mean some serious development on their part, and their probably focusing their efforts on other platforms at the moment.
    01-04-12 08:04 PM
  6. KermEd's Avatar
    Here is a post I wrote for my project management blog as an introduction to how I use Evernote:

    Evernote Explained: A Brief Introduction | Project Management for the Masses

    For me, the thing missing on the PB app is the ability to save your data locally. This is what is keeping me from REALLY using my PB as the major tool in my workflow.
    FYI, you actually taked me into starting to use Evernote.
    01-04-12 09:36 PM
  7. TheSuperSloth's Avatar
    Awesome! Let me know how it goes for you. I love hearing how people end up using it.
    01-04-12 10:17 PM
  8. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    I have used onenote between work and home for a couple of years and absolutely love it. i was so disappointed that there was no onenote app for bb. i saw the evernote and tried it out but i have to admit the idea of not having local storage kind of turned me off.

    i have been using groovy notes as a substitute and i like it but it only does voice and typed notes - although it does sync directly to my dropbox which is nice.

    However - hearing from the people on here who are happy with evernote makes me think i should give it another try. Thanks all!
    01-29-12 10:14 PM
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