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    My Dad, 78 and semi tech literate got a Playbook for xmas from my sister for use primarily as a ereader for him and my mother. And it has fallen to me to get it working.

    He bought the BOOKREADER FOR EPUB AND KINDLE BOOKS app and I've been trying to help him figure out how to load epubs onto it. (keep in mind I'm in a different city and have never actually had a Playbook in my hands, sorry guys, i'm a HP touchpad user)

    We have gotten to the point of side loading the epubs into a books directory on the Playbook but can not figure out the next (and I believe last) step to import them into the Bookreader library so they can be read.

    Can someone either point me to a step by step tutorial of how to do this or post one. I've searched the forums and the net in general and find plenty of references to this being possible but not a simple step by step of how to do it.

    Please help and Happy New Year to all.

    PS, I really don't want to go the route of loading the OS2 beta and using android apps (I'm sure I can figure that out but doing it over the phone is likely going to be more than I want to deal with)

    It would be great if I could get Calibre to recognize the Playbook and handle this all for me (so if you know how to do that please post) but we are ok with manually getting the ePubs onto the playbook and importing them into the app library (which is what I need step by step instructions for.)

    01-01-12 01:22 PM
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    For kindle copy the files to the network share say download or documents then use a sideloaded file manager such as astro to copy/cut and paste into the kindle dir.
    01-01-12 01:23 PM
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    Hi - for Kindle, I upgraded to OS2. However, there are reports that the Kindle cloud reader works. If your Dad has a kindle email address, a mobi file can be emailed to that address and it supposedly will be delivered to any kindle reading device. However, I just tried it using the cloud reader and nothing appeared, in spite of Amazon reporting that it is there for use. Remember that Kindle does not handle epubs either.

    For epubs, you have the option of using PlayEpub. If your dad has a dropbox account, he can download the epub from there and then navigate to the file location from within PlayEpub's file browser and open the book. Not an elegant solution but I can verify that it works.

    Good luck!
    01-01-12 01:36 PM
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    I believe someone mentioned that Calibre does support the pb but I have not updated to the newer versions.

    And, sorry, but I have not tried any of the epub readers. There's a longish thread on one of them and the Developer is active but so are its users. If that's the one you purchased, go to that thread or wait for more on this one.

    Obviously, with Kindle books, you'd have to remove the drm unless you use the Cloud Reader (via web - PORTRAIT mode from what I heard or it will not work)

    Here's a link:

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    Open the Book Reader app. Top left hand corner there is a book with a + icon on it... click that.

    This will open a file explorer viewing the "shared" directory. Within that dir, select your Books folder (I'm assuming here you used the pre defined books folder that is in the shared dir along with the documents, downloads folder etc? If not you'll have to navigate to the correct folder with the file explorer).

    Once in the books folder select a book to import into the reader, then hit the + icon top right to start the import. There will be a confirmation pop up, select import and that's it...
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    01-01-12 02:39 PM
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    This is the help page... the imort button is the blue + button he will see top right when you are selecting books...

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    all is working great!

    I've talked him through upping ePubs and Mobis via desktop client and then importing them into the reader via its interface (all without every laying my eyes on any of it)

    He is happily importing the current NY times best seller list into his playbook as I type (torrents make the internet the greatest library of all time)
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