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    I'm trying to load up The Economist app for the android player. It freezes on load up, so I wanted to see if it was simply missing some libraries. How do you go about debugging these apps? I'm looking for some logs or something. TIA
    08-08-11 12:42 PM
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    How can I miss a thread with my name in it!?

    You need to get ADB installed and use it to look at the logcat output to see what's going on. Once you get ADB installed it's a pretty simple affair, no driver installation needed as you won't be connecting via USB.

    The command you'll want to run first is "adb connect" where is the IP address of your PlayBook. From there, it should say device connected and then you're set to do your dirty work. Run "adb logcat" and that command prompt window will become a scrolling live log of everything going into the Android log.

    Additionally you can open another command window and use commands like "adb shell" to get a command shell on the android player, and "adb push" to push files to the android player.

    Take a look around on the web to get the needed files (Either as a stand alone download from someone that posted it, or from the full Android SDK)
    Here's a good search term to start with :android setup adb - Google Search

    I could post up just the ADB files if it's useful for you, it's about 15MB worth of stuff.
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    08-08-11 01:17 PM
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    Thanks, I'll play around with it when I get out of work. You are now the default guy on these types of issues.
    08-08-11 04:28 PM
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    Maaaannnnn, don't say that $#!+ out loud.
    08-08-11 05:15 PM
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    So, there were no obvious errors such as 'library not found'. The last statements are some garbage collection and then nothing.

    Hatax, have you noticed if apps are having problems creating directories? Would you suggest I try installing this app on an android phone, and looking at the directory structure?
    08-09-11 11:00 AM
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    Question, does it start at all on your system? I just installed it from app world and it brought me to a login screen. If it's directory related, chances are you won't be able to create the needed structure yourself.
    08-09-11 11:15 AM
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    Hmmm, I have not been able to get to the login screen. I get the splash screen (The Economist) and then it hangs and PB restarts

    So yours did freeze at all?
    08-09-11 12:46 PM
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    Nope, didn't freeze at all, just loaded up to the login page and I stopped. I don't have a login so I couldn't tell you if it works beyond that... Was able to back swipe my way out of it no problem as well.
    08-09-11 12:52 PM
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    I am no programmer but Diavolo312 are you using the market to download The Economist? If not maybe the reason you and Hatax are seeing different things is because you are loading different version numbers of the app? Just thought I'd throw that out there to help you guys figure out the problem.

    Also I do know I had to do a system wipe at one point because the app player was causing my pb to freeze maybe there are some corupted files or something.

    Regardless goodluck and hopefully my 2 cents help you guys get further.
    08-09-11 06:17 PM
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    i was side loading it. Through the market allowed my to login, but woudnt download anything. Guess Ill have to wait for the official app for playbook (if they make one)
    08-09-11 08:25 PM
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    I can take a look at the version I got, and then you could do a google search for it.. Will take me a bit though as I'm working through some things in the player currently and have stuff.... kinda torn apart.

    Otherwise if someone else with market wants to snatch it, watch that download folder and copy it out before the install is complete. It'll happen quick, but it can be done!

    Looks like the latest version is 1.1.2 and it came out August 4th. Probably a little new to find floating around out there just yet, but I'm sure it will turn up soon enough for you. Once my player is back to life I'll go grab it for you if no one else has.
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    08-09-11 09:14 PM
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    i was side loading it. Through the market allowed my to login, but woudnt download anything. Guess Ill have to wait for the official app for playbook (if they make one)
    FWIW there are quite a few things that cause the stalled downloads, if you look at the OP of my instruction thread there are some quick fixes for that problem if you want to give them a shot. (Send an email, open Talk, etc)
    08-09-11 09:21 PM
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    "W/Economist(11985016): Download Service Receiver is not being correctly registered"

    I will see if something can get that going
    08-09-11 10:24 PM
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    Ahh, my bad, I read that as you couldn't get market to download, not that the application itself has issues downloading data. Looks like it's trying to start a background service and it's not able to register properly. Hmm, few things could be going on there, if you don't find anything I might have time later to dig into it. Is an account free? I haven't looked into it much as you can tell.
    08-09-11 10:48 PM