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    Not everyone needs to have a boring square calendar to micro-manage all the events that take place during a lifetime.
    What if a calendar reflected the way our mind stores and remembers information: visually!

    cArtlendar is a new way to register, schedule and remember information.

    With cArtlendar, not only you can express whats on your mind in a more artistic way, you can also use blobs of color to represent certain activities, occupations or happenings. Use the week-view for a broader perspective into your timeline and have a quick feedback on how you are spending most of your time.

    But, its really up to you. cArtlendar can also be used as a journal/diary to draw about the daily events.

    And to inspire you further, cArtlendar comes with a few gorgeous themes. Check the screenshots.

    cArtlendar | bit outside the box
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    06-20-12 08:26 AM
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    thanks to a user feedback I just came across an annoying date parsing bug for those running PB OS 2.0
    I already released a fix, and its currently waiting approval.

    sorry about that, I develop in 2.1 Beta and the problem was already fixed!
    06-22-12 04:09 AM
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    Now everything is working fine. Have fun
    06-25-12 04:10 AM
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    new update released today with a pretty cool text placement tool and undo/redo features
    06-28-12 03:09 PM
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    new update with opacity support. it looks like real paintbrushing now
    07-11-12 04:20 AM
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    new update with opacity support. it looks like real paintbrushing now
    07-11-12 04:27 AM
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    Thanks for developing to PB, I'll be buying your app for my daughter. Guys let's show some support here.
    07-11-12 04:53 AM
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    Hi Velociraptor89,
    Thanks! Try it out for yourself for a while, I know some grown-ups that got addicted

    PS - the app was original developed not thinking about drawings, but for visually defining how we occupy our time. I added more drawing functionality because people enjoyed drawing about their days. got some cool screenshots from a few users
    07-11-12 04:57 AM
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    Hi everyone!
    Just would like to get some feedback regarding BB10. I was wondering if this app could fit well in a mobile phone usage, instead of the tablet bigger screen.
    What do you think? Is it worth the effort?

    08-16-12 03:33 PM