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    Does RIM have any in-house app developers? Is this something that goes on at all in the industry beyond the development of basic apps such as native e-mail etc?

    As the Playbook is still seen to be chasing Android and Apple on the app front I was thinking that RIM is in an ideal position to snap up some successful app developers and put them on the RIM payroll with the intent of developing Blackberry/Playbook exclusive apps. The playbook seems to be gaining some traction and this might be one other way to set them apart from the competition.
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    03-06-12 11:02 AM
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    I agree. I think maybe the priority for a group like TAT is to create some usable apps for the playbook to make it on par featurewise with the rest of the tablet world. Do this first, then go back to creating neat concept apps that never see the light of day.

    For example, it would take some considerable resources to create a Video Editing app... something that a single developer would take a long time to create. A group like TAT could probably do the UI and RIM's in-house developers could probably code it. The playbook has HD cameras all the way around plus dual mics, something that most other tablets don't have. It would be a shame NOT to take advantage of this.

    A good real world example is a family taking their playbook on vacation. 7" is the perfect size. Whether they use the playbook or digital camera/camcorder to capture pictures or video, they should be able to hook up those devices to the playbook via usb (usb host) and transfer the media over to the playbook. This is technically possible for the QNX OS. From there, they would be able to use the software on the playbook to create/edit the media and then share it over social media. No need to wait until they get home to do it. This would make a killer commercial.

    If the playbook wants to be successful, it needs consumer oriented apps. What does this mean? It means apps for pictures, video, music, games. Apple did it right. It created a base set of apps for the iWhatever so that the consumer had everything they needed to get stuff done right away.

    The playbook has so much potential it's not even funny. There just isn't any software to take advantage of it. I don't think RIM can wait for third party software developers anymore, they need to get some basic stuff out there now.
    03-06-12 12:05 PM
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    You described what I was thinking about much better than I could.
    03-06-12 11:01 PM
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    It would be a dream to work on Playbook apps fulltime.
    03-06-12 11:15 PM