1. jasperlin's Avatar
    Has anyone tried converting Honeycomb apps into bar files?

    Will ICM apps work in the future?

    I know that they originally announced only gingerbread, but what's the difference with the other two?

    If anyone's taking a request, please convert the Bloomberg app!
    10-22-11 05:33 PM
  2. MisterMe11's Avatar
    I'm not an expert, but Honeycomb source was not shared freely by Google, so I don't think RIM has access. Ice cream sandwitch is supposed to be open source, though. I'm not sure that RIM should update the player to support ice cream sandwitch, though - because the android player is just a crutch to help with the low app count
    10-23-11 08:57 AM
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    ...because the android player is just a crutch to help with the low app count
    I think that the player is indeed, a tactical move to increase app count as quickly as possible. But, far more important, I think it is also a strategic goal to bring more developers to the platform. Apps that run in the player are by no means second class citizens of the ecosystem. A casual user would not notice the difference between an Android app and a native AIR or NDK app. By increasing the choices available to developers, RIM hopes to remove the barriers that have, up to now, driven them to other platforms.
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    10-23-11 09:39 AM