1. jeffreytoronto's Avatar
    So just wanted to let everyone know, that HSTouch is in AppWorld. For those familiar with Homeseer, you can use HSTouch to customize your own tablet home automation controller.

    I have been running Homeseer for years. I've now managed to get HSTouch loaded up on the PB and will be starting to design using HSTouch.

    For those interested-- you need to head over to Homeseer.com and read up... set up is quite the project.

    But it works amazing... I've created a simple slider to test my lights...very responsive.

    HSTouch is an android port over ... works well.

    So add Home Automation, lighting etc... to the features the PB is capable of...
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    05-28-12 10:21 PM
  2. Zildjian71's Avatar
    I appreciate you bringing that to the PB but most don't trust Android in a security environment. Would be much better as HTML5 and not be platform dependent. Or bring it as a BB10 app and secure its future on both the PB and BB phones.
    05-29-12 01:17 AM
  3. squished18's Avatar
    I just checked out homeseer.com. It's still out of my affordability. Looks like it's $600-$1000 just to get a controller up and running.

    I'm dreaming of a day when you can run a controller off a PB, which should bring the cost down to about $400 for a controller (including the software).

    Did you write the HSTouch app?
    05-29-12 08:11 AM
  4. jeffreytoronto's Avatar
    Just for clarity, I didn't write or bring the app myself.... another user converted the app and submitted it to app world. The app is just the client side of the larger server software.

    I am just excited to get it working and thought there might be other Homeseer users out there already who didn't realize there is another way to access the software using PB.

    It is true that from a cost perspective it isn't cheap to get it all. I've been building my system up now over 6 or 7 years.

    I started with the basic version of the homeseer software and then added a basic controller and a few switches-- For about $500 you can get started.

    Also, have to wait for the sales-- homeseer just had a 50% sale for example... the stuff goes on sale... don't pay full price.

    It is way cheaper than having a professional installation done.

    @Zildjian71 - not sure what you mean by security environment or what your concern is. This is software that you run on your own LAN/Intranet generally. But also, security is provided on the Homeseer side via SSL and other security measures managed on the server side.

    I sound like a Homeseer rep-- but have no affiliation to them-- just a techno junky with other software interests other than PB...
    05-29-12 09:16 AM