1. hobbyblue's Avatar
    hi im new to the forum so im sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section.
    basically i have downloaded the facebook app, when someone comments on my facebook status/picture then i get the red symbol on the facebook icon on my blackberry, but when someone messages me i dont get the red symbol telling me someone has messages me, but i want the red symbol to show when this happens. i dont know why its doin this can anybody help? i have gone onto facebook pressed options and enabled the blackberry messages application that says by enabling this will send my notifications such as messages/comment/wall posts etc...any help would be great
    07-15-12 06:31 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry.

    I THINK the setting you are after may be located in the Main Settings/Options/GEAR symbol.

    Swipe down from the main desktop and hit the Gear. Scroll down to "Sounds and Notifications" and then select "Visual Notification" and use the dropdown to select the behavior you want. Send yourself an email as a test.

    (and this might have gotten more attention in the Main pb forum on crackberry)
    07-15-12 09:57 AM