1. Canucksfan88's Avatar
    Can't seem to get it working properly... I can download files, find them okay but when I come to open them, all that shows is the title page (picture of the cover) but that's all the pages it shows. Tried multiple files to which all only show the cover.

    btw, they're .mobi files

    Please help?? I've email book reader but the support team is away between Nov 20th & 28th?!
    11-22-11 12:57 PM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    I normally use freeware ePub books. Just to try your problem I downloaded a popular Darwin book (scanned by google books) from archive.org in mobi. It worked fine.

    I suggest several things:
    1) Do a hard reset of the PB: hold down the three top buttons until turn off, then restart.
    2) The files might be damaged. Try another file
    3) The cover might be followed by several blank pages before the text begins
    4) If the book is available in a format other than mobi then try ePub.
    5) I assume the file is not DRM protected; if protected the cover may load and the text will not load.
    11-22-11 05:01 PM