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    I downloaded this to check it out on the day it was released. Apparently, it's like that old Tamagatchi (sp?) game for kids. To begin with, it plays in portrait mode, and uses the Android player. Besides that, the graphics are designed to be very retro, and mimic the old graphics of the game that inspired it.

    The idea is simple, you have to raise and care for a Hatchi, an initially formless blob that needs to eat, learn, play, and be cleaned. Like in the Sims, your Hatchi has meters that decay over time, representing things like hunger, cleanliness, energy and happiness.

    The game will start by giving you the choice of a male or female Hatchi, and the name. From there, it's up to you to keep it's meters filled. For food, there are a variety of items, one of which your Hatchi will love, and one that it will hate. Their food preferences don't seem to affect anything immediately, as far as I can tell. So maybe the food you feed it affects how it evolves. All of the food items will increase its hunger, happiness and energy level (I think). Its hygiene meter is filled by washing it. Its smarts meter is filled by reading to it (decreasing its energy meter). Its active meter is filled by playing ball with it (also decreasing its energy meter). Its energy meter is filled by eating (which it can do more frequently than any other activity), or by letting it sleep. Its happiness meter is filled by feeding it, reading to it, playing ball with it, and cleaning it. Essentially, the only meter that you may have to keep an eye on is the energy. Apparently, it can also get sick, requiring a shot of some kind. It can get sick, I think, if you don't feed it enough, or if it stays dirty too long. Eventually, it can also die. It seems like you'll have to put some serious active neglect into the game to get it sick or kill it though, even just to make it unhappy.

    There are mini-games available, which include tic-tac-toe, rock-paper-scissors, one where you have to make a tiny Hatchi catch falling food, and a version of whack-a-mole. Unfortunately, the mini-games aren't particularly stimulating, and could maybe do with a little onlineniness. Winning these games earns you coins which you can use to purchase a bunch of different items to help you through the game. These range from more effective foods, to guides, to items that can unnaturally evolve your Hatchi.

    Ultimately, what you're trying to do is keep your Hatchi alive long enough to grow to adulthood from a baby, to release it into your natural habitat. To what end, I'm unsure. If you don't want to raise a Hatchi from scratch, you also have the option of adopting a Hatchi that starts in one of the later stages of its development.

    Each Hatchi is supposed to be different, and apparently evolves based on the what you do to care for it. Each also has a blood type, star sign and a character trait, though I'm not sure what role these play. There is also a Scoreloop feature, which doesn't seem to be fully functional yet, and an in-app purchase system, also non-functional. You can make friends with other Scoreloop members, though there doesn't seem to be a practical application for it.

    I'll apologise in advance for the fugliness of the layout and inconsistent picture orientation, as I couldn't figure out a way to reorient pics with my PlayBook, other than by downloading photo editing software (that's like forgetting to put a random option in an mp3 player), and CrackBerry's file uploader and picture viewing seems to be designed to avoid the simplest and most straight forward functionality. Kudos however to the auto-save feature, as my browser crashed mid-text due, I think, to a sound problem the game occasionally causes resulting in me having to reset the PlayBook.
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