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    Just wanted to spread the word on my new app - Grocery List Maker. I know there are these apps for your phone, but I wanted one that was SIMPLE and utilizes the large Playbook screen! Further, it's the only app that actually emails your list to your phone So, no need to take the the playbook to the grocery store

    It's only 99 cents and I hope it's useful to some of you

    Thanks for reading, and if you try it, I certainly welcome your feedback and could use some more ratings on AppWorld!

    Download here:
    Buy Grocery List Maker - Download Grocery List Maker - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World
    05-16-12 09:37 PM
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    Nice and simple. The way I like things. Worth the price IMO. Some thoughts for future updates would be to include the ability to add quantities. For example, in preparing for a special recipe which calls for an ingredient that I don't usually buy, I like to add the quantity to my list. Perhaps configure the item buttons so that if you hold down, a pop-up comes up allowing you to add a quantity that is displayed below the item name.

    Also, I have use for a list generator exactly like this that is not specifically for Groceries. In my case, this would be a good app for loading up the camper in the spring. Or preparing for a vacation. As items are packed, you remove them from the 'list'. The ability to have a master list with sub lists would be an added plus.

    Good job none the less. I have purchased it and will use it in it's current state. Can't wait to see what comes with updates.

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    05-17-12 05:34 AM
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    I'll be sure to give it a try. Thanks for developing for playbook.
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    05-17-12 07:00 AM
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll see what I can do about adding quantities. Glad to hear you liked it
    05-17-12 08:22 AM