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    Okay, I was inspired by a response I provided in the mail pb forum

    "I believe that they will next be selling a decal sticker with a home button on it. That will surely spur sales. Wait, I've just come up with a terrific idea. See the app forum."

    Someone can create an app that you move to the bottom center of the icon/home screen. It is called Home and when tapped it opens, well, the home screen. That way people feel more like they are using an ipad and will adopt the pb platform in droves. They could offer a decal as noted above that folks can plaster to the pb screen.

    So, can we corner the market and make millions? A few cents?
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    11-02-11 05:56 PM
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    Lol... this... just might work.
    11-02-11 06:02 PM