05-23-11 07:06 PM
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  1. screamlordbyron's Avatar
    I may have been mistaken. MOST mapping applications only use the network connection to get additional map data as you move about. They may use the network to get an approximate position (from the cell towers) to make it quicker for the GPS to locate your position.

    I don't think Bing Maps is using my GPS at all. It consistently puts my location several miles from my actual location. About what I'd expect from cell tower triangulation.
    On the occasions when I can actually get GPS to lock, I have found Bing to be dead-on accurate. Today it pinpointed me to the corner of the building I was sitting in.

    Of course, RIM needs to do something fast about getting the GPS to lock more quickly and reliably.
    04-26-11 08:10 PM
  2. nycspaces.'s Avatar
    I still can't get the gps lock, it hit once but i have gone and sat in a wide open space with the overdrive for a network connection for 20 Minutes this morning on the way to work... thankfully with the palybook i could work, but this seems fubar. How can a gps app really take over 20 minutes to load... i wish BingMpas would give some kind of feedback besides "Locating" "Finding your current location. Please wait." I would be to wherever i was going in less time than it takes for the gps to fire up.

    It sounds like there are more than just a few of us with this problem.
    04-26-11 11:23 PM
  3. pbarbaro's Avatar
    bing sucks!! when it does finally lock on my location it doesnt follow me when driving, it just comes up with my co-ordinates at that point in time. i was hoping that with the accelerometer and gyrometer that he map would re orientate when you moved and that it should at least follow you when you ate moving like any gps navigation system. i really hope google brings out a maps app soon as it will be much better than this bing crap.
    05-23-11 07:06 PM
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