1. twdawson's Avatar
    I have been trying to use Google Docs on my playbook through the browser, but it just does not play nice. I can't open any doc in the native browser as well as Simple Browser+.

    Am I missing something or are others having the same kind of issues as well.

    02-18-12 06:47 AM
  2. Innovatology's Avatar
    Google Docs isn't really optimized for mobile browsers, but I've found it works quite well on PB.

    You might like to try Files & Folders. It lets you copy files to and from Google Docs, converting on the fly. Then you can use Docs To Go to edit your files. See my sig for a link.
    02-18-12 07:37 AM
  3. HanzJager's Avatar
    I have some issues with Google Docs as well using the stock browser. I can open files but navigating through spreadsheets is almost impossible for some reason. Come to think of it I have issues with many of Google's services through the browser.
    02-18-12 07:39 AM