02-21-12 09:49 PM
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    Thats great for you guys in the U.S, but doesn't help us Canadians (or any other country for that matter). Netflix is the only decent streaming service we have access to.
    Personally I'd drop the word decent from your reply. Netflix Canada is horrible. Thank for for Proxy.
    02-21-12 09:38 PM
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    if I remember right, the last flash version pushed to the playbook was to just fix a security issue. So even though the playbook flash version may have a higher number, it may not have the latest and greatest functionality.
    I doubt its merely a Flash issue. If you look at the list of devices that Amazon Prime supports, the Playbook isn't listed.

    Somebody got a response from Amazon saying it was an Apple/patent issue, but who knows.
    Could be a Kindle Fire issue, if you catch my drift...

    But anyways, since the Playbook isn't a device that is compatible/supported by Amazon I doubt that it'll be fixed right away, or is merely because of a Flash update. But try to contact Amazon and hear what they say. This is all something I read in another thread on this issue.
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