1. louzer's Avatar
    I'm very sad to hear that Poynt is filing for bankruptcy. It has become a goto app for both my phone as well as my PlayBook. What do you use for similar functionality that will need to replace Poynt. I loved the ability to find cheapest gas prices, restaurants, movies, business/people searches, and the connectivity between the Playbook version and the phone version.
    07-06-12 02:45 PM
  2. californiablackberry's Avatar
    Express your condolences and discuss the topic here - Poynt files for bankruptcy...
    07-06-12 02:57 PM
  3. kretch's Avatar
    OH, WOW.

    I will miss it also.
    07-06-12 02:57 PM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    In the US, at least, there are two types of bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganization. In liquidation, the companies assets are sold off to pay its creditors. In reorganization, the creditors are held in bay while the company tries to get its act together to return to profitability. Seemingly, Poynt has filed for reorganization, so there is still hope of them staying afloat.
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    07-06-12 03:02 PM