1. myzackberry's Avatar
    My gmail account was show "no new email" and can see it stuck downloading.. When i used my PC, it is different and can read any new email. It happened when updated new ver 1.0.6. Other my account email was ok..
    06-26-11 06:56 AM
  2. danield76's Avatar
    Try the simple HtML instead of mobile view. I have had the same problem. You can find the option if you scroll down completely on the left of your mailbox

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    06-26-11 07:00 AM
  3. eds817's Avatar
    Gmail (Google) doesn't play well with others. I am having a few issues with Gmail on my PlayBook.

    I get "LOADING" when trying to open an email more times than none.

    My browser opens to Google Bookmarks and when I click a bookmark it opens in another tab. When I close my Gmail tab my browser closes completely.

    Since they are competing OS's I don't expect Google to jump to fix it but they should since there are A LOT of people using Google products regardless of the OS.
    06-27-11 02:30 PM