1. digtech's Avatar
    Ever since 2.0 ive been having problems with app world. Whenever I try to download some apps I get a real annoying bug in the progress bar.... It's fluctuates to no end... Initially whatever app that it was, id just avoid it, but now it's really becoming a pain. When modern Combat launched version 2.0, I was unable to download it, now 3.0 is the same thing. Unfortunately for me, blackberry compliment came a little too late, and now I can't even update apps that ive paid for!!!! It's so annoying now... I just purchased plants vs zombies and i can't download it because of this damn error. I really hope I don't have to wipe this device cuz that's too much drama for me to undertake. Any solutions out there?

    *** been waiting to see a thread like this pop up in the forums, probably I missed it but search didn't give me any playbook related thread.
    03-29-12 12:32 PM
  2. anon(490042)'s Avatar
    I've had this problem but it's never ruined the download... I just let it carry on and it worked itself out!
    03-29-12 12:47 PM
  3. digtech's Avatar
    Plants vs Zombies is only 78mb, ive allowed it to sit and work itself out.. but ive download Eternal legacy which is 482mb in half the time... So i do not believe this one will work itself out. Also ive realised that with this new app world it really doesnt allow for smooth multiple downloads, i realise that before a second download initiates, it waits until the ongoing one is complete.
    03-29-12 03:10 PM