1. Tha.Housewife's Avatar
    gettin angry with yet another issue...what's this error mean?-uploadfromtaptalk1351736680001.jpg

    lol tired of errors...and I don't wanna wipe arrg
    10-31-12 09:26 PM
  2. Snuupy's Avatar
    Delete and then reconnect to your wifi network. See if that works.
    10-31-12 09:34 PM
  3. Tha.Housewife's Avatar
    well I closed it. reopened it tha same way I was doing earlier....and it worked fine.. lol ..I must have gotten the playbook skitzo os 2.1 update ...crazy
    10-31-12 09:43 PM
  4. Ishaq786's Avatar
    No need to get angry now ma'am
    10-31-12 10:11 PM
  5. lyserman's Avatar
    I kept getting that error too. Could not find any help on the error number but I found that if I refreshed the app list the problem went away.
    11-01-12 02:44 AM

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