1. Siiid's Avatar
    Do you live outside the US but want to access the Video Store as well as apps available only in the US?

    Simply follow these steps:
    1- Go to xroxy and select the US Proxy tab at the top, (try many proxies from the list provided till you find one that works)
    2- On PB go to wifi -> saved networks -> use https proxy
    3- Enter server address and port number, save and connect
    4- Check for Software update, you should get apps not available outside US then.

    Thanks to Crackberry user diegonei for helping with this earlier.
    Hope that works for you.
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    02-22-12 05:41 AM
  2. dave21kj's Avatar
    This is exactly what I want to do and many people in UK.
    Seems strange if there is a solution is not promoted more explicitly.
    The instructions I could not follow.
    On selecting proxy they don't appear on saved networks. I tried manually to add to wifi network choices. No joy either.

    Is it possible to get more explicit instructions or a manual setup guide with where to get all the information required. Example SSID band type and such questions.

    Any help appreciated
    05-23-12 02:10 PM