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    Does anyone know why the HDMI audio in some games work, but in others it doesn't? Is this related to the program/engine used to port these games?

    *The original EA games (NFS and Tetris) work, but the newest game ports don't appear to.

    *All of the Union games I own work perfectly. They sound and look amazing on a big TV.

    *None of the Gameloft games I own pass audio through HDMI - a real shame.

    *The HotGen games (ToFu and Spacelings) are really strange; they pass the game music through HDMI, but the sound effects come through the PB speakers. (edit - so does EA's SimCity)

    *No love from Pixelbite either.

    *Moto X Mayhem and TurboGrannies pass audio on the menu screen, but as soon as the game starts, the audio switches to the PB speakers.

    *I don't have any of the Marmalade games, so maybe someone can comment on that.

    *Most of the inexpensive/free games work great, even .swf games loaded to the PB work fine.

    Does anyone else use their PB with the HDMI cable? Is not having HDMI audio on an otherwise fantastic game a deal breaker?
    I wish this would be standardized so that when you purchase an expensive game, you know you will get great HDMI audio too.
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    11-19-11 01:18 PM
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    dead space sound didn't go thru hdmi cable. my hdmi audio setting is ON. anyone has the same situation?
    11-19-11 04:58 PM
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    Dead Space does not work. HDMI audio with games is hard to figure out. Maybe one of the developers on here can help out.
    11-19-11 10:15 PM
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    I think it's related to the SDK the games used and what they used to implement audio (eg. OpenAL).

    I'm sure the code changed between 1.06, 1.07 and 2.0.
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    11-20-11 02:05 AM
  5. Robert Calhoun's Avatar
    This can be a good thing in some situations...

    The Game of Life doesn't pass the sound through the HDMI so I stream Slacker for the sound on the Home Theater system and you still get the game sounds through the Playbook... This works out GREAT!

    I ran an HDMI cable (with wall plates) through the wall to the TV and bought a 15 foot Micro to HDMI cable (all from Monoprice.com) and have plenty of cable for us to pass the game around on the couch...
    11-20-11 03:16 AM
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    I have the same problem. Some games work, some dont. NOVA 2 HD doesn't work with the HDMI.

    I have found a solution though, attach a cable from the headphone jack on your pb to audio in - on your tv. (should be located on the side :S) - then sound will work.

    Like someone mentioned above i also have a 15ft hdmi cable i got from monoprice. works great!
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    11-21-11 01:51 AM
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    not such a great solution, to be sitting there holding the PB with 2 long wires trailing away from you...

    gotta be a better solution. If NFS audio works thru hdmi, why can't Dead Space & Starfront??? Grrrr...
    12-08-11 11:16 AM
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    bump... does anyone have any helpful info on this audio issue?
    12-14-11 12:11 PM
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    Yep... Write the developers and ask the to include support... I wrote EA about Life but didn't get an answer...
    12-14-11 07:57 PM
  10. Carl Estes's Avatar
    How about a Blue Teef module that plugs into the port on the bottom of the book, and a receiver sitting next to the rapic charger Dock? Look slick.........

    12-16-11 10:35 AM
  11. D Mac's Avatar
    Angry Birds HD also does not play audio through HDMI
    02-02-12 04:11 PM