1. BrownPride916's Avatar
    Is there any way to login with a username with a underscore ? Sorry if this has been answered i cant find it.
    12-31-11 10:47 PM
  2. Malachi.2.15's Avatar
    Mine has an underscore...no issues.
    01-01-12 07:57 PM
  3. Alt-F4's Avatar
    No problem if your playing modern combat or nova.. I bought asphalt 6 in november and have tried to make a few diff accounts and not able to go online with the game with any of them.. I assume thats the game your having an issue with anyway..
    theres no solution that i have found :/ and gameloft support would only tell me how to get a refund via rim/appworld lol they offered zero help with the actual multiplayer failure of there game on the pb.. to bad they didnt test it a bit before LISTING multiplayer as a freaking feature lol there im done.
    01-01-12 09:02 PM