1. endlessx's Avatar
    I was looking for a random name generator for a fantasy novel I'm writing, and I found this app under new arrivals. It boasts 400+ million names and is up for 1.99, but I'm a cheapskate so I was wondering if anyone else tried it yet and if so, comment on it.

    I tried searching on App World and there are barely any random name generators so if anyone knows of a decent random name generator app, I'm open to suggestions.

    05-23-12 10:43 AM
  2. tfp's Avatar
    Have you tried Fake Name Generator? Its a ported Android app, but if I remember correctly its free. It provides you with all the info you'd need to setup a fake identity for a book or whatever. Depending on how in depth you wanted to get with your novel it generates names, addresses, sin's, credit cards, emails, websites, passwords (lol) family history (mothers maiden name) even blood type, height and weight (takes all the fun out of creating your own characters though lol)

    I've used it for a couple short stories and only took the name and address. You can even specify what nationality and country you want your fake name to be from.
    05-23-12 11:13 AM
  3. endlessx's Avatar
    I just tried Fake Name Generator right now, that's a boatload of info! Keeping the app for future novels i may write that require modern identities. Thanks for the suggestion tfp.

    However, I was actually looking for more medieval type of names though.
    05-23-12 01:12 PM
  4. endlessx's Avatar
    I broke down down and bought Game Names here's a little review for anyone that's interested.

    Its an Android ported app, but it runs just fine. The names that it generates are pretty good, I'm using several of the fantasy names in my novel already. I also tried generating names for the other categories (Classes, cute, japanese, and nonsense). Examples below.

    Classes examples: DemonKnight, ShadowDaemon, SadisticGrunt...these are probably suited for Mmorpg players
    Cute examples: FluffyBunny, ZanyQuail, RagingKitten (Lol) ...seems to be all animals
    Japanese examples: Yukimichi, Kazhitsu, Fukoto...anime fans I guess
    Nonsense examples: SloppyVein, PsychoCheese, LyricalCrayon... yea these are names that make you go wtf?
    Fantasy examples: Dahrt, Rgakos, Nailus...I use them for novel characters

    All in all very good app, it'd be better if it was native but watcanudo. I recommend buying it if you need a good name generator.
    05-24-12 09:32 AM