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    I just snagged this game, after having my eye on it for a while. It's a relaxing, eye-pleasing, puzzle-gratifying, quality production by 10tons. I've only tried one other of their games, Sparkle, and so far I've been extremely satisfied with their additions to the PlayBook gamescape.

    Joining Hands is a untimed, and unrestricted puzzler. You can take as long as you, and make as many moves as you want, and there are multiple ways to complete most of the puzzles. Each level presents you with an unhappy environment, and unhappy peaslings (basically peas, with arms). One nice touch is that the closer you come to completing each level, the happier the peaslings and environment look. And they make happy little noises too. It's Bob Ross-gasmic!
    09-13-12 09:44 AM
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    Maaaaaaan, pics or it didn't happen - I expect more out of a fellow Bell user! haha

    I'm kidding though, gonna go check out some screens. I think I was looking at this one and you've shoved me to now beyond curiosity.

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    09-13-12 03:13 PM