1. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    This is going to be an old school text adventure. (Updated for visual touch controls)

    I am going to structure it as a chapter-based story, and have the chapters tie together.

    I propose the following model:

    Release game with three chapters, for a single price, and as new chapters are added (large content), charge a small fee for them.


    "You enter a (describe spooky delapitated building here), you see a door to your left, stairs up ahead, and a note on the floor"

    Then you would have choices for what to do. "Go through door, Go up stairs, Pick Up/Read Note"

    I am contemplating either making this my last game in Flash for this platform, or my first game in HTML5 for this platform. Suggestions?

    What sort of features would you need to see in a game like this, to make you want to play it?
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    02-01-12 11:48 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    If the internal map is consistent and not randomly changing, that is if the player walks forward through a door and turn around the door should still be there and allow the player to exit the room, I would enjoy playing these old-school text-adventure games again.
    02-02-12 06:25 AM
  3. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    I'm down if its grimy. Let's see it
    02-02-12 06:56 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here.

    (or are you guys too young for that one??? )
    02-02-12 08:37 AM
  5. BarracudaBob's Avatar
    You are in a debris room filled with stuff washed in from the surface. A low wide passage with cobbles becomes plugged with mud and debris here, but an awkward canyon leads upward and west. A note on the wall says "Magic Word XYZZY".
    02-02-12 09:45 AM
  6. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    Would you guys rather a text entry game, or visual touch commands?
    02-02-12 10:12 AM
  7. BarracudaBob's Avatar
    I think a combination would be good. Touch for directions to move, but text entry for commands like "xyzzy". Then again, maybe touch for common actions is a good idea like buttons for "Get", "Drop", and "Use".
    02-02-12 11:04 AM
  8. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Zork hahaha

    Or perhaps a MUD type text/touch based game?
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    02-02-12 11:08 AM
  9. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    Next question. On rails? (You play through a story) or open world? (Zork ish)
    02-02-12 12:05 PM
  10. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Absolutely open world. Infinite (ish) re-playability.
    02-02-12 12:06 PM
  11. pkcable's Avatar
    Do I need to even say open world (Zorkish????) lol!
    02-02-12 12:43 PM