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    GAGmobile - 9GAG Client For BlackBerry Smartphones and The PlayBook

    I'm pleased to announce the first application I've written for BlackBerry. It's a very simple, but comfortable way to browse the popular entertainment site 9GAG. I hope you like it and don't forget to submit bugs/suggestions so I can improve it by demands of the BlackBerry community.

    The App World description:

    GAGmobile makes it easy and intuitive for you to browse the popular meme/serious site 9GAG.

    At the time there are only one limitation in this app: There is no way to vote on posts, but it will be included in the app after the developer figures out a way to do it (since 9GAG doesn't have an API, this is extremely difficult).

    Features that are going to be included in the next versions of the app:
    • Voting on posts
    • BBM™/Social integration
    • Improve the UI to make it more beautiful
    Some screenshots for you:



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    With the latest update (3.0) I've added the section (Hot, Trending, Vote) selection to the smartphone version. I'm now working on a new UI for the PlayBook version (I'll be posting a picture of it as soon as I get something that is a bit more "final").
    09-03-12 06:38 PM