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    I love Table Tennis but I can't find any good Table Tennis scoreboard tablet app in the market! Therefore I decided to write my own Scoreboard App on Blackberry Playbook!!

    Please support if you are interested!! I will keep improving the app to meet the market's need for the future release!

    Any suggestions are welcome!!

    you can get it from Blackberry App World https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...15568/?lang=EN for $0.99USD

    Thank you for your support again!!

    "TT Scoreboard" is an excellent table tennis score tracking application for amateur or professional Table Tennis players!

    It provides the real 'Tournament' feel by audibly broadcasting the score and other information through the loudspeaker of your playbook speakers!

    By taking advantage of the blackberry playbook remote control bridge, you can increase the score through the blackberry phone!!
    Otherwise, simply just you could swipe the score to increase/decrease the score.

    Major Features:

    * Remote increase score via Blackberry remote control bride (in presentation mode)
    * Score announcer to speak out the current score and other information though the speaker (can be activate/deactivate during game)
    * By using the micro-HDMI cable you can display scoreboard on large TV
    * Scoreboard display current and past scores after each game sets or during the game.
    * You can reverse scores and serves during the current set of game!

    Game settings:

    Winning Score: 11* / 21 Points
    Rotate Serve every: 2* / 3 / 5 Points
    Game Type: Single* or Best of 3 / 5/ 7
    Win by 2 Points Yes* / No

    * Default setting

    05-30-12 06:05 PM