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    this allows you to have a windows machine running 24/7 for free allowing up to 30 gig's transfer. you do need a credit card and I have been charged nominal fees mostly during setup for i/o calls etc. I was charged maybe $0.06 last month. This month I never noticed any fees.

    its pretty cool when you can show your playbook having the ability to run blackberry, android and windows apps. I use the rdp app for android to connect and it is almost like its running natively on the playbook. Of course this depends on your net connection speed. When I'm tethered on 3g there is a slight hesitation navigating with menus.

    Here is a link to a howto setup
    How to Run Windows & IIS in the Cloud on Amazon EC2 (in 15 mins) : BillS IIS Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

    the reason I am truly doing this is to try to setup a vpn ikev2 on the win2kr2 server. I am reading through as many guides as possible but have yet to find one noob friendly. Then this will allow me to use my playbook securely even using apps not intended to work in my country (canada)

    as a side note they also allow one free ubuntu (linux) image to run concurrently with your win2kr2 server. I have set one up and have ssh'd in using vxconnectbot and tried setting up an ssh tunnel but I am having difficulties.

    Here is a howto very easy to use but some familiarity with linux would be helpful.
    Setting up a VPN-server on Amazon EC2 | No pain no gain

    If anyone is able to get this working either as a vpn or ssh tunnel within the playbook i am certain the community would be very grateful. This would give us all another reason to show people the power of the playbook
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    02-28-12 03:07 AM