09-03-12 11:10 AM
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  1. kemj's Avatar
    Hello guys, I've been trying to get my hands on that app but App World pops up a message telling: "The Item You Selected Cannot Be Found".
    I tried entering the title manually, by following a link and even reading a QR Code, but nothing seems to work.

    The website of App World shows it, and even Parabay Inc. promote it on their site.

    Any suggestion? I believe the app is rated A(adult), could be the case that App World is blocking the content? How can it be set to grant the access?
    02-15-12 04:05 PM
  2. Sergag's Avatar
    The same here but I've download the Mac app, I was abble to log once but now it give me server error all the time, wait and see.
    02-15-12 04:30 PM
  3. madoon's Avatar
    i am having the same problem right now. at least i know that its not a bug.
    i was thinking perhaps the app has just been approved and will require some time to be available, will give it a few hours before trying again.
    02-15-12 04:48 PM
  4. innocentman's Avatar
    Tryed but nothing
    02-15-12 07:49 PM
  5. kemj's Avatar
    The last time I checked, the app had 3 reviews of 5stars each in the desktop site of App World. :/
    02-15-12 09:24 PM
  6. illini2097's Avatar
    When you check it on the desktop website of App World, you can see that it is only compatible in Canada.... Bummer!
    Hope they add support for other countries soon
    02-16-12 02:09 AM
  7. manofice1's Avatar
    Only canada? bah
    02-16-12 06:39 AM
  8. diggin4aliving's Avatar
    I can't find this thing. What is it listed under?? I was checking Appworld but nothing under that name?
    02-16-12 07:38 AM
  9. sjc1963's Avatar
    Only canada? bah
    Only in Canada? Pity......
    02-16-12 07:46 AM
  10. diggin4aliving's Avatar
    I am in Canada. Where would I be able to check it out.
    02-16-12 08:22 AM
  11. innocentman's Avatar
    Not working in Canada, tryed to find it and open it over link on brower...nothing...

    And when you connect playbook on dm and find it on desktop computer on appworld page it just says: find it ln playbook over appworld...

    So nothing...
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    02-16-12 08:26 AM
  12. diggin4aliving's Avatar
    Alright. Thanks. Still keeping the dream alive for Skype!
    02-16-12 08:40 AM
  13. Toodeurep's Avatar
    Alright. Thanks. Still keeping the dream alive for Skype!
    Skype is great, but we are also working on getting these guys too.

    Home - Tango

    Comments can be added here...

    Tango Support for BlackBerry PlayBook : Tango Support Center
    02-16-12 09:12 AM
  14. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Maybe someone who has access to it can extract the bar?
    It's not available for me.
    02-16-12 10:49 PM
  15. crackberryjill's Avatar
    I actually called RIM support about this app today and he told me it is only available in the UK, that's why its not in the playbook appworld. He said even if I managed to get it on my playbook, it wouldn't run.
    02-16-12 11:27 PM
  16. rob9804's Avatar
    u can get the bar file from this link http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...humans-607891/

    p.s im in canada but i see ppl from all over the world on this soo whatever RIM said is a lie..
    02-17-12 06:33 AM
  17. trucky's Avatar
    You might want to take a look at Reel Portal too. It's a free cross-platform video chat:

    ReelPortal Video Chat - Home
    02-17-12 07:50 AM
  18. sjc1963's Avatar
    You might want to take a look at Reel Portal too. It's a free cross-platform video chat:

    ReelPortal Video Chat - Home
    I've tried this and it works quite well. I put it on my PC. netbook, and Playbook as well and all worked great.
    02-17-12 08:32 AM
  19. TheWolf1965's Avatar
    I had it installed on my PC and it was called SFH(Searching for Humans)v1.0. It would start and run but would only find one guy in Islamabad, Pakistan who kept trying to call me and I could not answer. I tried looking for it by that name on App World. No Joy.
    02-17-12 11:14 PM
  20. TheWolf1965's Avatar
    Folks, Might wanna check this out. I may be wrong but it appears to be an android app.
    02-17-12 11:26 PM
  21. TheWolf1965's Avatar
    02-17-12 11:29 PM
  22. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Old thread and old name; new name is "Free Video Chat" by Parabay, and a call to to Parabay yesterday confirmed it's not available in the US.

    Go to: http://www.n4bb.com/parabay-launches...berry-playbook and click the download link and you will see it in Canada App world
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    02-18-12 02:22 PM
  23. regnaston's Avatar
    I was able to register on the PB .. going to test it between my computer and my PB (seperate accounts)

    edit: it worked
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    02-22-12 09:40 AM
  24. trucky's Avatar
    I actually got logged in last night from home in the USA. I think we've got the port(s) blocked at work.
    02-22-12 09:46 AM
  25. atlac's Avatar
    I just tested this application by installing on playbook and system with two different accounts. its worked well both video and audio, and asked my friends to install in their systems like skype. so i feel the video chat problem has been solved with wp to the extend (sure here we have less friends who we know, here we have ask them to istall in their pc's or iphone or ipad's or in their android phone, good thing is this application is available in all platforms)
    09-03-12 06:34 AM
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