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    So I found 2 productivity web apps that work really well on the PlayBook and thought I'd share here

    First up is minutes.io
    Description from the webiste
    Minute your meetings. The easy way.

    Have you ever faced the situation of agreeing on decisions and task assignments in a meeting and it takes days before the minutes are written and sent to everyone—if they ever are?

    Ever got a quick customer call, whose outcome should be traced and shared?

    minutes.io just does that. In an elegant and simple manner. You can use it in your browser, but you don’t need to be connected to the Internet. You don’t need to sign up. And it’s free!
    The second one is todo list app in the form of a moleskine
    Do It (Tomorrow)

    Hope this comes in handy to some of you!
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    08-15-11 01:58 PM
  2. msyogota's Avatar
    Second one is very nice and useful for me, thanx.
    08-17-11 06:44 AM
  3. rankreviews's Avatar
    The First one has been really helpful to me as earlier I had to be dependent on other people to get a specific task done.
    08-30-11 07:07 AM
  4. kurrado's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing these tools with us Sergeh, it’s interesting and useful to use. The first one is an app that can help you take notes a lot easier just like evernote. I also want to share some online productivity tools that I use. Like Dropbox for sharing photos, documents, and videos anywhere you are and it is easy to access just visit their website using your mobile. I also find this tool that can help you manage your time effectively. With this you to do more work with less time and effort. It also keeps me organize and productive during working hours.
    11-06-11 09:15 PM