1. LinkNote's Avatar
    My second app has just been approved and is available in App World:

    BlackBerry App World - Font Gallery

    Font Gallery is a small handy utility which lists all fonts installed on the device and allows you to preview the fonts with a sample "lorem ipsum" text or using your own custom text. It also allows changing the size of the fonts displayed in the preview.

    I got the idea for this app when I was working on my note taking and organizing app and needed to preview the fonts to see how different fonts will look on the device using different sizes...

    Price: $0.99

    If someone is in need of such functionality and decides to purchase the app, I would like to hear some feedback, please! ;-)
    05-04-11 12:03 AM
  2. D.Vader's Avatar
    $0.99? Not sure what use this really has.
    05-05-11 03:55 PM