02-14-14 03:05 PM
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  1. borceg's Avatar
    Q to TornadoChaser: do you see more than 4 rockets on the pictures ?

    I noticed that kind of glitch in 1.1.3 where for each flight greater than 1000 it gave me bonus wheel or plank. After restart bonus was gone. Anyway, more than 5 rockets is more minus than plus. You think if we have 50 rockets at once craft will be magic ? Nope, first think about rocket buttons. It's quite hard to maintain ~15 buttons (5 rockets, 4 soda cans, 5 propels and one tail) simply because there is not enough space and time needed to properly "fire" each button. Next, game becomes too unresponsive; craft with 50 rockets it too much heavy(can't even lift properly) and it's almost impossible to fire 50 tiny buttons at once; connection/welding points between craft components are extremely weak for that number of rockets.
    12-17-12 10:51 AM
  2. SonySandy's Avatar
    I use all 5 rockets and 3 soda cans. My craft can lift off with 3 rockets or 3 soda cans. with all 5 rockets fired and 3 cans it goes off like a proverbial rocket. However what I have noticed is, if you fire off with 3 rockets you gain distance at a certain speed (roughly 100cm per second), but if I fire off all 5 rockets the craft appears to fly substantially faster and yet still only gains 100cm per second.

    What puzzles me is that you use 4 planks and 4 rockets, the 4 rockets lift their own weight, the planks and herbie. I have managed to make a craft thats literally held together with a wing (all 3 to be precise) and a prayer. So 5 rockets and 3 cans lift themselves and 3 wings and herbie, so based on available thrust my craft should on paper be more powerful than yours, but as we can all see from the high scores its not. My rockets/cans are even pointing in the correct direction for 100 transmission to thrust, its the 3 wings and weight distribution that pitch it into vertical flight.

    Oh and with 5 rockets and 3 soda cans I fire in 3 timed stages (dependant on the way I want to fly depends how quick and which order I fire).

    I'll post a video of my craft from take off to splash down later tonight and you'll see my craft has a lovely trajectory and very stable in flight too.

    By the way even with the lastest version of the game if you uninstall and reinstall you have to earn back all your rockets/planks/wheels. Its just you don't gain limitless amounts, it just stops at 10 planks, 5 rockets etc

    I quite enjoyed starting from scratch, I suggest everyone does it at least once. Its soul destroying trying to get more than 10cm with some splindly wheels only, and then 14cm is the next challenge. But soon as you get 1 rocket and 1 can you can do about 200cm with wheels. 300 easy when you get a rotor. With 2 rockets and 1 plank your looking at 600cm with careful flight and a well balanced herbie, but after that it starts to get tricky. 2000cm takes skill, and I clearly don't have what it takes to get further lol.

    Once Borceg posts his early flight trajectory I might once again get a bit closer, but as I've said before I still don't think i'll get to Borcegs distance, he's done great.

    I did quite a bit of tinkering last night, 3 hours to be precise, still couldn't understand how Borcegs craft goes so far, and did some tinkering on my own craft design, going back to my old wall smasher and I actually got another 30cm out of it so was pretty pleased, but now the design is spent and at its limit.

    I actually made a stripped back version of Borcegs craft with 1 plank and 4 rockets, Herbie was wedged in but could slip out the top if I got rotation, but with a good flight I could only do 1000-ish cm and yet that craft was significantly lighter (3 planks lighter) than Borcegs. So it must be some pixel perfect trajectory to get so far that I just haven't stumbled on yet, hence the reason I'd love to see Borcegs early trajectory.
    12-17-12 11:21 AM
  3. anon(3983727)'s Avatar
    My craft is actually just 5 rockets and herbie. No wings or cans to hold it together. It takes carefully aimed rocks ts and very good timing to get it to fly but it works.
    12-17-12 11:29 AM
  4. Ishaq786's Avatar
    He said he did it with 4 rockets.
    12-17-12 11:31 AM
  5. wx_junkie's Avatar

    Rockets can be super-imposed on top of other rockets, so even though only 4 or 5 were visible, I was wondering if you have more underneath. That's all.

    When I consider my craft, I wish to frig I had another rocket to slap on, for detonation either at ground level, or when my trajectory reaches max altitude.
    12-17-12 02:32 PM
  6. borceg's Avatar
    nope, only 4 (4 buttons at the pics). As I said, more than or equal to 6-8 rockets won't give anything spectacular, just higher weight.
    12-17-12 03:49 PM
  7. SonySandy's Avatar
    I made a craft with 2 rockets and 1 soda can, so based on what borceg has said it should be a wall smasher! Only managed 600cm before it runs out of steam and crashes though. I tweaked it with 4 rockets and 1 can, goes maybe 1000cm. It has an optimum trajectory between clouds too.

    I thought I had this games dynamics Sussed. But nope, a relatively heavy wooden box with 4 rockets can out fly 4 rockets and 1 can. Which means surely 1 soda can weighs more than 4 wooden planks.

    The same craft with 4 rockets and 1 plank also only flies 1000cm with a cloud dodging trajectory.

    I also noticed that although you can move the craft on the take off ramp, the clouds also move lol. So if you clip the first cloud by 1 pixel you can't just move your craft back/forward a couple of clicks to miss it.

    Also moving the launch position of your craft a few clicks either way, or even up/down can alter how your craft behaves once it takes off.

    I.e I noticed this when I accidentally clicked the left move craft button once and my craft which took off in a controlled arc suddenly turned onto a cartwheeling knightmare!

    I did however succeed in making my old 5 rocket/3 can/ winged behemoth fly about 20-ish cm further last night. So at least I got something worthwhile out of another 3 hours of my life wasted lol
    12-19-12 07:08 AM
  8. Ishaq786's Avatar
    Lol Sandy, its one of those things when we lose bro.

    I wonder if Borceg put the pic of the 4 rocket craft to throw ppl of his trail :P
    12-19-12 11:50 AM
  9. anon(3983727)'s Avatar
    I managed over 1000cm with 1 rocket and each additional rocket was good for 450, 225, 110, 60 respectively. This is all done with just rockets and no other parts other than herbie.

    Also, has anyone else with PlayBook OS noticed flycraft crashes frequently now? I get maybe 3 flights before the game crashes.
    Last edited by fingernipp; 12-19-12 at 12:57 PM.
    12-19-12 12:22 PM
  10. SonySandy's Avatar
    No crashes for me, get a few funnies on screen, flickering etc.

    how do you manage to balance herbie on a single rocket?
    12-19-12 02:55 PM
  11. wx_junkie's Avatar
    I think so!!!

    Lol Sandy, its one of those things when we lose bro.

    I wonder if Borceg put the pic of the 4 rocket craft to throw ppl of his trail :P
    12-19-12 09:28 PM
  12. leras's Avatar
    its no secret any more you can fly as good as me finally i have reached to the end with this ship just check my video in you tube and please like
    maybe some day you can made something bettter than this but not now you will notice that the ship is hitting the wall in the air
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    12-25-12 04:23 PM
  13. anon(3983727)'s Avatar
    Are the people making 3000+ cm flights on bb10 devices? The physics seem totally different for some reason.
    12-25-12 04:48 PM
  14. harkal's Avatar
    The physics are exactly the same on both Playbook and BB10 devices...

    Leras you just got a PHD in flycraft aerodynamics! We should call you Dr. Leras from now on!
    12-25-12 07:10 PM
  15. anon(3983727)'s Avatar
    Just curious. We are seeing 1000+ cm difference between the top few players and if there are variables I'm curious. Also I noticed we only get 4 props and 3 wings now. From what I have seen it is impossible to achieve enough thrust to reach trajectory for 3000cm flight. I'm unsure if the wings can do anymore than stabilized as they don't seem to actually provide lift. At least not in my attempts so far.
    12-25-12 07:32 PM
  16. borceg's Avatar
    Ten wings, ten propellers and no fire buttons - suspicious :P
    12-26-12 03:21 AM
  17. SonySandy's Avatar
    Ten wings, ten propellers and no fire buttons - suspicious :P

    I've gone cold turkey until the next update. Got fed up quite frankly, especially after seeing craft like that one.

    Phd in using additional parts! Whoop de do!
    12-26-12 11:36 AM
  18. harkal's Avatar
    It seems excitement to finaly see a >3000 flight fooled me... The lack of buttons is due to replay, but obviously leras managed to guess the cheat codes and has unlimited items! That is also why he is not on the leaderboard. :P

    Come on guys show us your true leaderboard matched flight replay! I am still waiting!!!
    12-26-12 12:54 PM
  19. borceg's Avatar
    There are cheatcodes ?
    12-26-12 02:20 PM
  20. wx_junkie's Avatar
    Sorry guys.. No video from me, but I can honestly say I have attained my distance with no additional gadgets / cheats.

    I'm happy now, as I can finally rest assured that I indeed hold the "real" number 1 spot on the leaderboard (for now...).

    12-28-12 08:00 PM
  21. harkal's Avatar
    First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! It has been a very exciting year for me with the release of Pop Corny and FlyCraft for Playbook. I want to thank you all for embracing both games so warmly. I never, not even for a moment, regretted providing FlyCraft exclusively for BlackBerry devices. It feels so good to be doing my part in supporting such a well designed platform as BB10 is. Can't wait for Jan 30th!

    Back to the game now, yes there is a "cheat code" but it is a secret and very hard to guess (obviously not impossibly hard as we witnessed), but it just to aid me -the developer- test a few things. It is not supposed to be used by regular users, and that is why when enabled any highscore does not register on the leaderboards.

    Happy flying machine crafting in 2013!!!!
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    01-01-13 04:23 PM
  22. leras's Avatar
    rest in peace TornadoChaser i think there is nothing more clear that the video above showing who is number one and yes you can honestly see (not say) who is number one
    happy new year to all of you
    01-05-13 03:44 PM
  23. harkal's Avatar
    I have for you a sneak peak from the upcoming version. This is an early screenshot from Herbie's Drawing Board where you can save multiple vehicle designs.

    Timeline Photos | Facebook

    What do you think?
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    01-06-13 04:13 AM
  24. damianiw's Avatar
    lol had great fun with this on my daughters playbook - we thought placing a soda can under Herbie and getting over 80m was amazing, loving the rocket launchpad idea & drawing board!

    An amazing thing would be to allow sharing of some snapshots via twitter / facebook, kind of like jetpack joyride
    01-06-13 01:15 PM
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