1. Mastajeet's Avatar
    So im heading to newgrounds to play some flash game so i lunch my favorite classic defend your castle Defend Your Castle (Full)
    my first concern is that the game is slow unless you lower the quality of the graphics. that i would not have thought since even my poor p4 could run pretty smoothly. so after lowering the quality i could play the problem wih that game is that the screen must be very responsive so you dont miss any of the little guys. so im wondering is it my playbook or really somethings not perfectly working ?

    i gave you the link so playbook owner can try it and give me their feedback
    05-01-11 01:57 PM
  2. drethos's Avatar
    play the ones on popcap.com, they run very well but like plants verses zombies plays slow in the browser. i mean not horribly slow but noticibly. i emailed them twice already nudging them to make a playbook optimised version of peggle, bejeweled, and plants verses zombies, like they did for apple.
    05-01-11 03:39 PM