1. snakeoil's Avatar
    My company, Angry Ronin Software, has developed a fitness app for the Playbook, and we need some beta testers.

    The app takes you through K-Fit, a 12 week functional fitness exercise program developed by Kemme Fitness. K-Fit is designed for beginners, utilizes minimal equipment, and will strengthen your whole body.

    The K-Fit app takes you through the workout program from start to finish. You will select the days that you want to work out and it will schedule it on the in-app calendar. On workout days, the app will guide you through the workout from start to finish. Don't know how to perform one of the exercises? Just touch the name of the exercise and the workout will pause and launch the browser to a YouTube video of the exercise.

    There is a FAQ about the beta on our website that should answer most questions. If they aren't answered there, feel free to post them here and I will try and answer them.

    To sign up, email me at swickson@angryronin.com.
    09-01-12 03:39 PM
  2. reschp's Avatar
    Is the name "Snakeoil" really the best when trying to sell your product?!
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    09-01-12 04:23 PM
  3. snakeoil's Avatar
    Nah, but old nicks die hard. And I would assume that creating a new account just for the launch of my product would also look shady, no?

    I will unequivocally state that the K-Fit app will not cure any sort of spells, grippe, or consumption.
    09-01-12 05:06 PM