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    I suggest that instead of a free version vs a paid version, that you have 'try before you buy" in that your app will function fully for a specified amount of time then stop unless its purchased. This allows the buyer to fully understand what he is getting before he pays. Can you tell me what your app is, Id like to check it out.
    07-05-11 08:42 AM
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    Here's the story. I released a free version at launch. I did not feel that it was ready for prime time but I thought that it would be be better than nothing for a lot of people.

    It took me two months of hard work to improve the app to the point where I thought it would be worthy of a small price factor. Being new to this game I did my due diligence and spent a lot of time in RIM App World Developers forum.

    To my great disappointment, I discovered two major obstacles to success:
    1. Due to an App World bug, if you change your app from free to paid, people who downloaded the free version would be unable to upgrade even if the upgrade were free.
    2. Many developers who changed their apps from free to paid (even with a limited-time try-before-buy model) received poor reviews because consumers feel "cheated" by perceived bait and switch tactics.

    In addition, because developers can't yet access the PlayBook's built-in compass, I can't compete with Google's Sky Map offering and several Apple apps. I got many less than satisfactory reviews because my app was found wanting. The word "crap" was used.

    So, this led me to believe that the best approach was for me to convert my existing app to a 5-day demo of the advanced features, but continuing as a no-frills (and I mean very basic) app after the trial period. If they wanted the advanced features to continue, they could purchase the paid version for a mere buck.

    You wouldn't believe all the cranky email and reviews that I received when I did this. See my point about Google's Sky map above for their reasons. They told me that they would pay $5.00 for an app that can compete, but that until that time, it should be free.

    I can tell you that every (competent) App World developer goes though agonizing decision-making similar to my experience. Whatever we do, there are a small number of very vocal consumers will find fault.

    So, while I really appreciate your suggestion, I've been there and done that. I am now in the process of developing a thick skin so that I can continue to be productive.

    The link to my app is in my signature. Or search for "skymap" in PlayBook App World.

    And thanks for your interest!
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    One of the biggest problems in digital app stores is the inability for consumers and developers to interact with each other in sensible ways. I would prefer to be able to discuss the matter with the purchaser and resolve the problem. Sometimes it would make sense to give a refund if that would make the problem go away. But there is no way right now for me to do that.
    Yeah, as a fellow developer, I wish there was an easier way to communicate with the users and issue refund. Sometimes it is just not worth it to deal with users feel cheated because the app didn't meet their expectations.

    This customer has caused two problems (which would be magnified exponentially if this was a free trial type of app);
    1. the app now has a poor rating - my sales potential is greatly reduced
    2, the buyer thinks he got ripped off when a simple explanation would have cleared up the problem.
    Ultimately the customer will not benefit from this as the developer may lost motivation and stop working on future updates. So do communicate with the developer before leaving a poor rating.

    And to make matter worse, once a review is posted the user cannot go back and change anything. Even if the problem is resolved later and the user is happy with the app, the negative review will still be there.
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    07-05-11 11:37 AM
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    my 2cents, for whatever it's worth:

    RIM should have given a decent native file manager from the beginning.
    Short of making their own, they should purchase a decent file manager, give it a tweek, then give it as a native app.
    07-06-11 01:47 AM
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    RIM should be looking at a variety of apps to license and include as part of future updates.
    07-06-11 06:57 AM
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    Let me review your review of my "review".

    So you contacted the developer, they realized the error, said they will fix it and but that didn't happen overnight??? seriously? why didn't this make the news!.


    hahaha owned! We could use a bbaddict1984 in every forum to keep trolls like BuzzStarField at bay. Arent reviews just opinions?
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