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    There seem to be many file manager/explorer apps out there for PlayBook and the good ones cost a little coin... Anyone have experience with them?

    "File and Folders" and "File Manager" appear to be the most popular, but there's another one called "Stuff" that seems pretty good. Honestly the first two have really crappy looking UIs but "Stuff" is cleaner. Looks like there was more thought put into "Stuff", just doesn't seem as popular for some reason.

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    Stuff can even do Dropbox, Bridge and ZIP but doesn't have the ability to email files. Perhaps in PB OS 2.0 that gets easier for developers to do? Or maybe even the native mail apps take care of it...?

    What do people prefer for file managers and is one necessary? Has anyone bought Stuff and would recommend it?
    01-26-12 09:39 PM
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    Files and Folders...

    Handles and integrates with Bridge files, Dropbox, Box net and Google docs just like any other folder on the PB.
    Email files and pics without the hassle of attaching it to a mail...

    There is a free trial, i suggest you check it out imo one of the BEST native apps made for the PB.

    Admittedly the UI isn't as colourful as others, but it's proffesional looking and extremely functional.

    Edit, forgot to add it zips and unzips files too... (if it had rar support it'd be perfect - but none of the others do either).
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    01-27-12 12:15 AM
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    This thread has a lot of info. For Files & Folders, see my sig.
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    01-27-12 10:25 AM
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    I bought Stuff and couldn't be happier. Frankly it's way more easy to use and does just what I want.

    "Files and Folders" has a really ugly UI with a lot of wasted space. It's really slow too.

    Stuff is superfast and fluid!

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    01-27-12 05:21 PM
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    Whenever I unzip a file bigger than about 10 mb, files & Folders hangs... Usually it still unzips the file but the progress bar freezes... Has anyone else had that?

    File converter is a funny program, from what I can tell it uploads your file to a site, converts it and then downloads back to you. I found that kind of odd , a three part process.
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    01-27-12 05:43 PM
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    I purchased 4 file managers and Stuff is the one I use. They all have their plus/minus issues
    01-27-12 06:08 PM
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    i holding out till os 2.0 comes out. if it doesn't have a native file manager, then i'll shop around for one.
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    01-27-12 06:22 PM
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    hope that there would be a supporting application for 2.0
    01-27-12 06:51 PM
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    Air broweser is my current fav...
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    01-27-12 09:35 PM
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    Air broweser is my current fav...
    me too. looking forward to seeing what the file manager is like in 2.0
    01-28-12 04:18 AM
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    me too. looking forward to seeing what the file manager is like in 2.0
    ES File Explorer should be available since it was apparently available for the beta. It does more than all the current ones and it's free

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    01-28-12 01:06 PM
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    Just got Stuff, really like it. Noticed this app and file & Folders both open a mp3 song with the video player and there's no way to change it. Oh well, not a big deal.
    01-28-12 07:00 PM
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    Air broweser is my current fav...
    Plus its free. i just dont know why people dont talk more about it more often.
    01-28-12 09:48 PM
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    I'd like to see air browser get multiple file rename,and zip support but other than that its pretty good.
    01-28-12 10:00 PM
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    05-22-12 07:41 PM
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    I use airbrowser. Its simple and effective for me, and its free. There are probably better but I don't need anything more for my needs right now.
    05-22-12 08:31 PM