1. king kru's Avatar
    Downloaded the new upgrade this morning. Noticed in the appworld that there was now a facebook app. Loaded it and started using chat. But no notification sounds for the app? Not for any notifications? Anyone have any insight?
    05-03-11 03:39 PM
  2. X04D00's Avatar
    It's an Adobe app so it has limited tie-in with the Playbook. I hope this can be improved in the future as I have almost no use for an app that doesn't have notifications.
    05-03-11 03:41 PM
  3. king kru's Avatar
    yeah me either.. if its in its dock, how would you ever know.. the app did ask me to exit and restart this morning
    05-04-11 06:12 AM
  4. king kru's Avatar
    Has anyone heard anything about anymore native apps that might be using this feature?
    05-05-11 09:03 AM