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    Eye-Fi makes sd cards with built in wireless transmitters that loads your photos and videos from your camera to your tablet on the spot. You can then view,edit, post on blogs, while in the field. Would be great if this were on the Playbook. The Kindle Fire is supported via the Amazon/Android market. The PlayBook blows the KF out of the water, and Eye -Fi card could do so much more with the PB. Unfortunately this has to be an official app. Eye -Fi Direct Mode( wireless transfer to PB) has to be enabled via Eye-Fi software on your home computer for PB to be recognized by Eye- Fi card. The good news is this app should be easy to make, it's just a question of convincing Eye-Fi there is a demand for a PlayBook app. Please let me known your thoughts, esp devs as to how to go about this.
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    02-24-12 11:31 AM
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    There is always a possibility. Eye-Fi Developer (Announcing the Developer Program | Eye-Fi).
    Sounds like they give you access to the API, however it uses Eye-Fi web services.

    It would seem that your best option for this is to have a BB 7.1 phone with a hotspot. Then you can add that hotspot as one of the allowed networks. From there, you can upload the image to the PlayBook (also connected to the BB 7.1 hotspot). Then the PlayBook app could handle the photo from there.
    02-24-12 11:45 AM
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    And of course, you can add your comment to the Eye-Fi for PlayBook thread (Eye-Fi Forums • View topic - Support for BlackBerry PlayBook)

    Frankly, I prefer native apps over the ported Android apps.
    02-24-12 11:50 AM
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    I've looked at the Eye-Fi cards when I bought my last camera and the non-existant app for PB was the reason I didn't buy one.

    It's too bad because I love the concept of being able to transfer your pics from your camera to another device to back them up without a cable. And since the USB port on the PB doesn't suport using a cable to do it directly from the camera anyway, it would have been pretty much the only way to do it.

    Other people will just say that I can still just transfer to a laptop and then to the PB, but then what is the point of a Eye-Fi card? I can just plug my camera into my laptop... Also, since I've got the PB I don't carry my laptop anywhere anyway...

    So, yes I do hope they build an app for that!
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    02-24-12 12:09 PM