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    Does anyone know if the side loaded Android version of Evernote works better with OS 2.0 than the original version in App World? The version I have doesn't play nice with the new keyboard.
    03-11-12 11:47 AM
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    I had to use the side-loaded version in OS2. It works fairly well. I have only tested plain text notes, but they would work just fine. Apparently the camera doesn't work.
    The native version is unusable in its current form.
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    03-11-12 12:54 PM
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    The sideloaded Android version is a huge improvement over the native app. Talk about night and day improvements. I only use the sideloaded version now until when or if Evernote updates their native app....with all their love for iOS though, that may take a while.

    The ability for OFFLINE notes alone was what drove me to the sideload version! Yes, the camera doesn't work, but I think it was stated on other threads of being a limitation of the Android app player.
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    03-11-12 03:21 PM
  4. emtunc's Avatar
    The side load version has more functionality BUT it is laggy and the camera implementation does not work.
    The only reason I am using the side load version is because I need offline storage of my notes.

    I really hope this doesn't push them to drop support for the native version and just publish the Android port to App World.

    If you guys want offline storage in the native app, make some noise here: Evernote for PlayBook - Offline Storage - Evernote User Forum
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    03-11-12 05:20 PM