1. KQ9's Avatar
    Finally with the Evernote release . Excitement is racing!

    Now question is, how do you plan, or already do use Evernote on your Playbook?

    I'd be really, really interested if someone had a solution for the damned nightmare of having a GTD system that links Mac, Blackberry phone, And Playbook! Hopefully Evernote can pull it off?
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    09-08-11 09:00 PM
  2. MedChemist's Avatar
    Well this looks like a well thought out multiple platform note taking application. I need to explore it some more. Need to see how it organizes various file types, documents, spreadsheets images etc together, as well as display it all. This could be a very light weight notebook for some kinds of collaborative research, data collection, analysis, reporting all in the cloud. It does need some kind of offline capability however, so that notes and files synced locally, can be accessed and added to while not connected to the "Cloud"!

    As someone involved with Electronic Lab notebooks, this has peaked my interest.
    09-08-11 09:51 PM
  3. sisblub's Avatar
    just downloaded and transferred all of my notes from an android program called catch to evernote because we now have evernote on the playbook, and i love it, the convenience and syncing is awesome
    09-08-11 09:53 PM
  4. JR A's Avatar
    Prepare notes, jot down any thoughts, etc.

    Pretty much I'd be using it as an extension of what I already use on my BB. Journaling is the main purpose for Evernote (which is mainly done on my desktop), but I use it to plan out different things such as trainings and write ups. Have Evernote on my PB would allow me to take snap shots of pictures and be able to view them nicely instead of on my BB.
    09-08-11 09:56 PM