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    Eufloria In App World-eufloria-thumb.jpg

    This is one of my favorite PC games from the past. Kinda on the higher price tag side, but fun RTS, none the less.

    Buy Eufloria HD - Download Eufloria HD - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World

    Here is a review I have done of it:
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    12-04-12 04:27 PM
  2. cjterminator's Avatar
    I was apprehensive about the game due to its price tag but I saw on other platforms it is quite popular games and was in top of the charts. So finally got it. I feel this is one of the best games to be available on PB, it has immersing experience and music is so soothing while playing. Its an art, beautiful one and engaging game play once you get hang of it. Absolutely in love with this game, really deserves the price it asks for.
    12-05-12 11:41 PM
  3. KidCaboose's Avatar
    Well, I picked this one up, despite the price tag. I've given it a decent run through, but haven't yet unlocked all the modes. At its core, it's a simple real-time strategy game. What makes it stand apart is apparent in the videos you'll find. The look, sound and mechanics of the game all have a certain natural flow. The overall is like Starcraft meets Flower, or Led Zeppelin (the Immigrant Song) meets Aqua (Candyman).

    For those looking for the traditional RTS, you may be disappointed. The game lacks the usual structure and format, and depth of development. In other words, its pretty simple. However, its simplicity seems like a necessity, rather than a weakness. Without its simplicity, the game might not have the flow and smoothness it currently achieves. And its not TOO simple.

    As you progress through the story, you're given a variety of scenarios and goals, and slowly taught the ins and outs of the gameplay. You start with an asteroid, and a plant that produces petals. These petals are your soldiers, and each asteroid produces different qualities of petals. Your petals are used to defend your asteroids, attack other asteroids, scout undiscovered asteroids, and convert enemy asteroids. And your petals have "stats" that help them accomplish these tasks (determined by the asteroid producing them).

    The second step is discovering the defence flower. Each asteroid can grow a certain number of flowers (between 1 and 5). A defence flower can't produce petals, but instead acts like a mortar cannon, slowly dispatching invading petals. The strategy of the game at this point involves capitalising on the choicest asteroids, determined by how many flowers the can grow, what quality of petals they'll produce, and how far they can let your petals travel (the larger the asteroid, the larger the circumferance of its reach). The reach of an asteroid will also help you determine best defensive strategies, finding where bottle-necks and cut-offs occur, to minimise the spread of your army's defenses (just because one asteroid can reach another due to its size, doesn't mean the other can reach all the way back, making the other vulnerable to attack, but unable to directly retaliate).

    Once you're familiar with these aspects of the game, you'll gain the ability to increase a single stat of any asteroid, by feeding it an equivalent amount of petals. In this waym you can make your asteroids produce more specific kinds of petals, energy for converting asteroids, strength for attacking and defending, speed for scouting and/or quick attacks and defences.

    Finally, you'll be introduced to the seed. Petal bearing flowers will occasionally produce a seed which you can control. You can direct it to the asteroid of your choice, and decide whether you want to plant it under a petal or defence flower. It will cause a defence flower to produce a single but recurring flower that can be directed to any asteroid to aid in attacks or defence. It's like a juggernaut soldier. If the seed is planted under a petal flower, all the petals produced by that flower glow, which simply means they're stronger, like elite soldiers.

    While there doesn't seem to be as much depth in this game as you would find in a regular RTS, it is replaced by the smooth flow of the game. The sound, look and feel of the game are unique, stark and beautiful. And it has multiple modes, all of which I haven't tried yet. Overall, a very enjoyable addition to my PlayBook, though a little pricey.
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    12-10-12 09:00 AM
  4. Rjinswand's Avatar
    It seems the game is going on sale or getting a new lower regular price soon. It shows a price of 2.49 now. On the checkout it's still 4.99, though. I guess it's in the normal process of price syncing atm and can soon be bought for the lower price.
    12-10-12 05:37 PM
  5. StampyBeaverbrook's Avatar
    It just dropped from $6 to $3 here in Australia. Will pull the trigger tomorrow.
    12-10-12 06:16 PM
  6. GrahamB's Avatar
    Gone from 5 to 3 in the UK but the same problem shows up as 5 still
    12-11-12 10:48 AM
  7. StampyBeaverbrook's Avatar
    Gone from 5 to 3 in the UK but the same problem shows up as 5 still
    Wow. Are RIM too lazy to work out the exchange rate?
    Just went to buy it but still wants to bill $6 here too.
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    12-11-12 04:50 PM
  8. Rjinswand's Avatar
    Wow. Are RIM too lazy to work out the exchange rate?
    That's a long standing AppWorld annoyance, which will hopefully be changed when BB10 launches. If I was living in the UK, I'd only buy through a proxy.

    The Eufloria developers were surprised by this price policy. Trying to quickly lower the UK price (makes them likeable btw) has let to the current price situation it seems.
    BlackBerry PlayBook gets Eufloria HD
    12-11-12 05:21 PM
  9. StampyBeaverbrook's Avatar

    The Eufloria developers were surprised by this price policy. Trying to quickly lower the UK price (makes them likeable btw) has let to the current price situation it seems.
    BlackBerry PlayBook gets Eufloria HD
    Yes, nice to see someone trying to do the right thing. Bit of a screw-up though, technically false advertising.
    12-11-12 05:59 PM
  10. Kronz71's Avatar
    C'mon RIM, which price would be $4.99 or $2.99. Already been two days and still can't buy the lower price. I'll wait until the price are firm.
    12-12-12 09:52 AM
  11. mundo472's Avatar
    What a quirky, beautiful, weird, and totally fun game! Nicely done!!
    12-12-12 06:46 PM
  12. GrahamB's Avatar
    Another day passes and the price is still wrong Sort it out
    12-13-12 08:43 AM
  13. Rjinswand's Avatar
    Anyone who has been charged the wrong price should let me know. Seems there has been a problem at the payment processor. If you provide your Blackberry ID I can get the difference refunded once RIM confirm.
    BlackBerry PlayBook gets Eufloria HD
    12-13-12 01:36 PM
  14. GrahamB's Avatar
    Seriously, why isn't the price passed the payment system along with the rest of the purchase details?

    Apart from the discrepancy being pretty bloody annoying It's a borderline breach of the Trade Descriptions Act over here
    12-14-12 08:08 AM
  15. Rjinswand's Avatar
    The price finally changed (Germany, 2.49€).
    12-15-12 02:12 AM
  16. GrahamB's Avatar
    Yay I'm now enjoying the Euflorian delights
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    12-17-12 06:13 AM
  17. bitek's Avatar
    I have no idea what this game is about but your reviews are so enticing that I could not say no.

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    12-21-12 01:18 AM
  18. SparkyBC's Avatar
    I didn't care for it. Very redundant and boring after a while. Guess I can't like them all.
    12-21-12 01:43 AM

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