05-25-11 05:48 AM
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    This shows how eager people are to develop for the PlayBook. The #1 fan site for BlackBerry and RIM doesn't even have an app. And, the full site runs so poorly on the PlayBook browser that I view CrackBerry in mobile mode (wapforms.crackberry.com). Now, that's sad. So much for "full internet experience".
    Ha! That's such crap and you know it. Luckily, everyone else who isn't just here to disturb the peace knows it as well.
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    05-25-11 12:00 AM
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    Works well for me. I do have had the keyboard disappearing issue when I don't let the login page finish loading before typing but a swipe from the bottom left corner solves the problem until that minor bug is addressed.
    05-25-11 12:07 AM
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    when it comes to font being larger, you can just pinch to zoom right? so fonts are not the case, I just want a clean interface.
    Pinch to zoom is just another step we should not have to do if the site was optimized a bit. The text size is fine for reading, but things that need to be selected should be a bit bigger.

    For a cleaner view try the two other themes available at the bottom of the page. There is a wap3 and Storm theme that are quite a bit cleaner. The fonts on the wap3 are a bit too small for me and the storm too large.

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    05-25-11 05:48 AM
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