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    When I received my first Playbook in September I noticed the EPIX HD app. I immediately connected it, signed in to my COX website, and started streaming movies. Man was I jazzed. Sometime around Halloween my ISP (Cox) decided to block all devices from streaming their services no matter what level of customer you were. It seems there were rolling out an iStore only app. Wow was I pissed. I'm not an Apple basher but not everyone builds out their infrastructure around iTunes. In fact not ANY of my 100s of customers. As a systems integrator and Managed Services Provider I resell literally TONS of Cox Business Services from internet to phones to TV. Needless to say they got a letter from me. Seems they paid attention to my letter. After a few phone calls from a VP (really nice guy by the way), Cox has rescinded their stance on non Apple devices. I can now stream EPIX HD and other services from Cox to my Playbook and other devices.

    Just thought I'd share that.
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    04-21-12 01:19 PM